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Tokyo West International Education Academy moved management to Tokyo Global Japanese Language School.

理事長 木原秀幸While globalization of international society accelerates every year, standing in international perspective, it has become requires the ability to be able to correctly determine things. As a new educational district of Tokyo Global Japanese school in Tokyo, gathered educational institutions such as universities, it is a thriving Japanese school that has been opened in Hino City International Exchange. And to learn to live Japanese, like to be active and have an international field of view, I will promise that you school united support.

 Tokyo Global Japanese school  Chairman  Hideyuki Kihara
学生ケア care
Tokyo Global Japanese schools to the procedures of the residual card after students came to Japan, join the national health insurance, we'll help account opening, etc. of the bank.
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本校の特色 School Charactertistic
School Charactertistic
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